Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rhinoplasty chin augmentation Day 3..the rodent

Well! The title pretty much says it all, I look like a rat.

I'm not sure if its because the swelling has now peaked (please don't let it get any bigger!) or if the swelling has started to reside from my outer face which has left the area around my eyes, nose and mouth looking disproportionately worse. I probably won't put photos up today as I can't notice a difference and its depressing me.

I woke up at 0200 in a fair amount of pain, I had decided to sleep on the couch to stop me rolling over, I don't think I turned onto my left side but definitely had my head dropping to the left which caused me to go into a panic thinking I may have rolled onto my nose in my sleep and not noticed cos of the drugs, I'm pretty sure I didn't but am still feeling uneasy about it.

Today has definitely been better the yesterday, my pain is the same and while my sleep isn't perfect I am sleeping. I haven't taken a pain pill yet but probably will soon as its early evening and I find I sleep better if I'm more relaxed at night, during the day I will try and go without meds now. I'm using my saline spray frequently and it is helping a bit as I have (warning this is gross) had a few blood
clots run down the back of my throat for me to spit out. The saline means that I have drips happening still so I've kept a dressing under my nose as I find the dripping really irritating. One thing that has surprised me is that my eyes get really sore, I guess the swelling is stopping the tear ducts from working properly so my tip is to stock up on some eye drops before hand.

 My bruising has now turned red and is just under my eyes, my lower lip is still ridiculous and I can't
feel it at all, the chin implant looks non existent to me which I guess is due to the swelling surrounding it. Sensation around my chin isn't too bad I can't feel the tip of it but can feel around it. I think I will start to notice my chin a bit more once the stents and cast are out of my nose, at the moment the discomfort I get from them takes up most of my headspace. I can feel discomfort when I try to open my mouth and when I talk which I think may have increased so maybe the nerves are starting to wake up again.
I'm still having a hard time eating so have stuck with fluids today so far. Not much else to report, it's Monday tomorrow so as most of my neighbourhood will be at work I will probably put on a cap and go for a short walk to get out of the house. I haven't told anyone about this so am worried about being recognised!ive just remembered its bin night tonight too so will have to sneak up and put em out without the neighbours seeing me.
It's later on at night, I'm having a minor freak out over my inability to eat and talk properly yet, I'm hoping this is normal but I am suddenly terrified I have made a huge mistake.. I just tried to have something soft for dinner and made a huge mess of it!. I know that depression/fear are normal at this stage in the healing process and is made worse by my decision to totally isolate myself (only my mom, step dad and sister know). I also just made the brilliant decision to start researching everything that could go wrong online which surprisingly has not helped calm me. Anyway here are a couple of photos, looking at them has made me feel a bit better as it seems the swelling really may have gone
down a bit.