Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rhinoplasty chin augmentation Day 1 pumpkin head

I will add some photos in a sec which really do not do justice to how swollen I have become! My lower face is by far the worst, bruising doesn't seem too bad yet. I can't really open my mouth properly, I haven't tried talking yet but as my mom is staying with me I'd better go say good morning soon! My lips feel really weird as they are even swollen and numb inside my mouth so even taking my pills is hard so will be sticking with protein shakes, thank goodness I bought straws there's no way I could drink without them. Mom keeps trying to force food on me as mothers do!

Pain is minimal to be honest it's just uncomfortable like my nose is blocked and full of huge boogers (dried blood) and the tightness/swelling in the rest of my face. I have a mild headache but that's probably the worst of it. I can't feel too sorry for myself, it's all self inflicted!

Sleeping wasn't too good I put the gauze back under my nose as it was oozing a fair bit and figured it wold act as a humidifier of sorts. At about 3 am I got up and did some external cleaning with saline and grabbed my peas which I propped against my checks on my pillow. I was able to breath through my nose at that point so left off the gauze for a bit and was finally able to sleep for a few hours. The surgery ended up being open and I have internal splints in addition to my cast which will be taken out in 9 days so I'm surprised I can breathe at all.

The swelling and bruising doesn't look too bad in the frontal photo but you can really tell how puffy I have become from the profile shot, I look like I've gained 20 kilos!!!