Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation day 4 hump day

I woke up again in the middle of the night in pain and with that weird worry that i somehow rolled onto my nose in my sleep without realising it I ended up putting ice packs on either side if my face again which seems to settle me. I've taken the lasted my prescribed painkillers so am now onto mersyndol to help me sleep which works but makes me feel groggy which I hate.

Pain is a funny one today, my chin hurts a little more then it did yesterday and my top teeth hurt a bit which I'm taking as a good sign that things are improving. I seem to get a fair amount of pain in my nose a night though. There is some tingling in my lower lip but it is still pretty much swollen, numb and un-moveable, my chin is tingly now too.

Swelling and bruising seems to be a little less although my whole face now looks kinda yellow and my eye lids look hooded.  I got into a bit of a panic (do you see a theme here?!) when i first woke up because I can feel something flapping around in my right nostril and I decided it must be that my graft had come loose.sensibility has kicked in I'm pretty sure it's either a stitch or I can feel the stent now as my internal swelling is residing.

I think I reached a turning point about lunchtime. I forced myself to eat a proper meal for the first time as I have lost quite a bit of weight (except for my face!)I remembered the time that one of my friends and I tried a soup diet I lasted about two days and felt terrible until I went and ate a hotdog  so figured my lack of substantial nutrients could be part of my problem. It wasn't easy as my lower lip still won't work so had to be soft food but I do feel a bit better for it. I took a 20 min walk around my neighbourhood. I also washed my hair! I just lay back in the bath and had a towel handy for any drips it's not the best job but definitely an improvement, I probably won't try again though until Friday just before I go in for cast removal. Only 3 more full days to go!! I think that thought more then anything else really turned my mood around today.

Overall today was still a little tough but am looking forward to tomorrow as I think i have probably reached the point that things start to improve quickly  now. I hope my posts aren't turning anyone off having these procedures I'm trying to be as honest as possible as if you're anything like me and have had the op you will start reading all these blogs of people just sailing through recovery and start to wonder what is wrong with you.