Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation day 6

Things continue to improve! I think that once you get past the dreaded days 3 and 4 and see healing begin the whole process becomes much easier. I woke up this morning with my mouth closed meaning I was breathing through my nose last night! I'm stuffy again now but I don't mind too much during the day. My chin has gone down a little on the right hand side, I can see a bit of a curve or something of my chin starting to take shape. I still have a whole lot of swelling to go though so still look as though I have a fat neck and big double chin but am pretty sure it's just the swelling and seeing that tiny curve of an improvement is really exciting :)

I have a bit more sensation in my chin and lower lip, not enough for my liking yet through I can't really feel my lower lip when I touch it which is creeping me out a bit and its still huge. I don't think will really be able to test my speech until these damn splints are out of my nose. Eating is still really difficult and certainly not for public! The sensation in my lower face is best described as tingly like having pins and needles. My inability to talk and eat properly is probably what's upsetting me the most right now..that or the breathing although I'm sorta getting used to it hopefully it doesn't become a habit!

I really don't like the look of my nose with the cast on, it looks like a big hooked eagle nose with a huge bulbous tip! I'm only putting this down to show how illogical your thought process and worries about results can be during this stage as I know that he wouldn't have given me a hook nose and that the tip will be super swollen.

Anyway although I'm still tired and uncomfortable I am feeling really positive today and spent most of my day working from home. Hopefully more improvements tomorrow!