Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Seven sleeps!

Not long now! I'm starting to get very excited :).

I usually avoid trying on clothes in shops with 3 way mirrors so that I don't have to look at my profile, I went into one today and was not bothered by it at all because in seven days I will never have to see that profile again!!

One week out I am starting a low sodium diet to minimise swelling and discomfort from bloating.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to get a wedge cushion. Well they are almost impossible to find here apart from one that cost $200. So I have purchased one of those little children's foam fold out beds ($30) upside down it seems to be the exact same shape. Will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Less then 2 weeks to go!

Sorry if this is a bit muddled, I've  just arrived home after a number of months overseas and a 20 hour flight so jet lag is controlling my brain! I thought I would share the 2 week prep I'be been recommended  to minimise bruising and swelling. I will caution this by saying your surgeon may disagree with this regime so check with them before making any changes.

There are a number of medications that need to be avoided in the few weeks leading up to surgery including aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E. I love aspirin for headaches but stopped taking it a few weeks ago.

Then there is  the is a list of foods I've been asked to avoid as they contain salicylates  which "may" interfere with blood clotting. Sadly it's almost all my favourite foods! Also no alcohol though I think I will sneak in a couple of wines!! These foods and medications should continue to be avoided for the 2 weeks after surgery.

Berries (all)CurrantsLemonsOrangesPrunesVinegar

Its been recommended that i start taking a daily multivitamin, 8 000 units of vitamin A twice a day to boost my immune system and aid in healing. 1000mg vitamin C twice a day for immune function and improved wound healing, and bromelin (a pineapple enzyme) 1000mg twice a day to minimise swelling (allot of people talk about arnica, I don't start this until a couple of days before surgery). I need to continue all of these until 2 weeks post surgery and found them easily in a health food store.

I've also started to use a saline nasal rinse (neti pot) which many ENTs recommend. This is mainly because I've been travelling theough third world countries for the last 6 months so want to flush out any residual nasties. I'd never heard of them until I started doing my research but many people swear by them, just google them if you want to know more i found mine online at amazon but apparently they are available in yoga shops and health food stores. A word of warning, this is NOT something you want people to see doing it's not very glamorous!

                                                        Umm! Obviously this isn't me!!

I'm staring to compile a shopping list of things to buy before the op, if you have any recommendations please let me know, it will be interesting to see what I got and didn't need or needed and didn't get!

-Straws, apparently it can be hard to drink properly
-Wedge cushion, I figure this will be easier to manage then a stack of pillows
-Laptop tray, I've read it can hurt to look down so will be handy for laptop, iPad ect
-lip balm
-throat gargle, the numbing kind as most people seem to complain about a sore throat from mouth breathing and intubation
-frozen peas
-dry hair shampoo
-stool softeners
-q tips
-soft foods and sugar free cordial.

Will be happy to answer any comments or suggestions :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

The lead up part 2

19 march 13

I've just paid for the surgery, the surgeons fee comes to $16, 200. Wow was that a little difficult to see leave my account! The worst thing is that I still have the hospital fee which is $3746 which seems amazingly high to be for 2.5 hours surgical time.. Oh well! I paid it quickly so I wouldn't think about it, I just need to scan and send the consent forms and I can stop thinking about it for a bit. I hope I'm doing the right thing, I guess I need to think of it as an investment in myself??? 

30 march 13

Just over 5 weeks until surgery. I'm stuck in bed sick which has given me lots of time to think and look online I need to stop looking at plastic surgery horror stories they're making me nervous. I did something I haven't in a while and looked at my profile in the mirror. Uugh! I KNOW I'm doing the right thing! 

My first rhinoplasty was eight years ago, I had a terrible nose beforehand it was huge with a big dorsal hump. I was teased terribly at school, gonzo, Pinocchio "you would be a pretty girl with a different nose" I even got it from my own mother. At 23 I finished university at had my primary surgery. He did improve it, he shaved the hump but left the tip bulbous it almost looks like one nose stuck on another! Overall my nose is still too big to the point hat I've had a couple of comments (rude people!)

I had my breasts augmented 4 years ago, my surgeon was a very good breast and nose surgeon. While he didn't come out and say anything negative I *knew* what he was getting at when he casually asked who did it and if I was happy. 

The doctor who does my lips was a bit more direct. After asking if I was happy with the result and listening to me say I wasn't he told me he didn't like it either. He wasn't allowed to recommend a surgeon but told me to make sure I picked someone who was known for revisions.  So here I am :) 

The lead up part 1

17 march 2013

I'm terrible at journaling so lets see how this goes! Just had my Skype appointment with Dr X For revision rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. There were allot of connection issues but finally got through! 

He's a very polite, friendly man who I felt at ease with. We discussed my concerns he believes that it may only need a closed rhino for tip refinement and possibly a small amount of bridge work although that may change once we meet face to face and that I will probably need a medium sized implant. 

I'm so excited! I guess I will get an email this week detailing costs and other info (I'm currently overseas). I correspond mainly with R from his clinic who is just amazing, she is always contactable and responds really quickly to any emails. So far I'm very happy with my decision and am confident I will stay this way :)

Less then two months to go!

18 march 2013

I need to stop reading online! There are so many horror stories especially about chin augmentation it's made me really nervous especially as I will probably have to go on a fairly intensive seminar for work  less then 2 weeks after surgery.. 

3 weeks before

Hello! My name is Catherine, I'm having revision rhinoplasty with chin augmentation in three weeks. One thing that has really helped me is reading other people's blogs so I thought I'd start one of my own to help others who are researching the procedure too.

Ive started to keep a journal on my ipad so I will paste it here. I know that most if you will be interested in the healing process more then anything else so I won't bore you with all my thoughts leading up to the big day so if I'm quiet for the next few weeks I will be more consistent with posting closer to the day.