Friday, 10 May 2013

Rhinoplasty chin augmentation Day 2

Today has been tough! My swelling has increased which is to be expected, I have to say I think I was a bit arrogant in believing that as I'm usually fit and active with a high pain threshold I would breeze through this. Revision is apparently a much harder operation to recover from then primary, also is the fact that the swelling from my nose is colliding with the swelling from my chin so I'm expecting my lower face to worsen as the swelling starts to drop.

I felt terrible this morning and didnt get up until about 11. I forced myself out of bed to have a bath and carefully cleaned my nose. I cleansed, toned and moisturised my exposed skin and got dressed and feel a bit more human now. Mom has had to go home so I'm on my own now! I'm now sitting on the couch watching true crime shows so clearly putting my free time to good use.

Pain itself is minimal, it's just really uncomfortable as I can't breath out of my nose and I have a congestion headache. My chin is probably more uncomfortable as it is very very swollen and numb. My lower lip is huge and I can't feel or move it at all and it's not too easy to close my mouth which goes with my mouth breathing thankfully, I hope this resolves soon as it will probably make me look a bit simple!

My bruising under my eyes has started to turn dark but it really isn't that bad at all the swelling as I've mentioned is the issue. I can tell that the tip of my nose that is sticking out from the plaster is HUGE! It spreads out over my cheeks and then down to my chin my whole lower face is very, very puffy which seems to make my chin look really small and receeding which is a bit concerning!

I still can't eat, I tried last night to eat some soft food with a teaspoon but can't move my mouth properly so am still on liquids, mom made me some vegetable soup which she puréed so I can drink it through a straw so it's that and protein shakes for now. Brushing my teeth is hard i would recommend an electric toothbrush to anyone who is planning this procedure.

Sleeping is tough, I'm having to sleep on my back propped up on allot of pillows to help reduce swelling  which is not my usual sleeping position plus I can't breath through my nose so my mouth gets dry and sore.

Now that I've been sitting up for a few hours I'm starting to get a funny tingling feeling in my face, mainly my nose and lower lip, I'm hoping that this is the swelling starting to recede rather then continuing to balloon up, surely my head can't get much bigger!!!

I sound like I'm full of complaints today, which I guess I am as I am feeling pretty down so will put up a couple of photos and stop my whinging.