Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rhinoplasty chin augmentation Surgery day

Uugh, no coffee does bad things to me! I'm at the hospital and have been sitting in the waiting room for an hour now and am starting to feel quite edgy. My mother is here with me and I'm trying hard to keep my irritation in's always the ones you love that you hit out at!


Well it's done! I look and feel like hell my swelling is already crazy, definitely elephant lady or maybe pumpkin head I'm not sure yet. The rhino ended up being more extensive then I though which I'm glad about clearly the conservative approach didn't work too well last time!

So at the hospital I got changed into a lovely gown and saw my surgeon again where we discussed the possibility for a cartilage graft from my ear which didn't end up being needed he used the nose cartilage instead. I then met the anaesthetist and nursing team who were lovely. They popped my cannula in and said I was get something to relax my butterflies I started to feel fuzzy then woke up in recovery. I remember feeling really tired and asking the nurse if I said anything weird which she assured m I did not!

 My chin looks freaky kind of like a guy I dated a few times last year but as I said massive swelling and I have a big plaster on it. My lips feel funny! All rubbery so I'm talking funny, the weird thing is that I can still breath through my nose for now though its like a bad cold, I have a feeling it will get worse as I go from pumpkin head to an exta off  "attack of the killer tomatoes" I have taken the bolster off under my nose to catch drips and it was making me feel claustrophobic the dripping isn't too annoying I'm just dabbing  it away. I'm starting to get some pain now as the intraoperative drugs  drugs are  wearing off. My local pharmacist ran out of my pain pills! he is very kindly getting them in and dropping them off on his way home tonight. My frozen peas are feeling nice on my face though.

Alright well I'm going to take my enormous head to go stare in the mirror for a bit, tomorrow I will probably cover them like some demented miss havisham. Once i work out how to post photos I will pop some on. Is it just me or is blogger unnecessarily complicated?