Monday, 13 May 2013

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation day 5..jay Lenno!

I think that yesterday really was a turning point for me, my bruising has turned yellow for the most part which I have read means it is almost ready to go away for good. The swelling has dropped a bit from my upper face to my chin and mouth so that feels worse then it has before so I've restarted with my frozen peas. I had cheese on toast for breakfast today! I still struggled to eat it, I certainly  won't be eating in public in a hurry but its an improvement so I'm happy.

Pain is negligible during the day the discomfort does ramp up a bit at night though which is pretty common for me with any ailment. I still can't talk properly! I nearly hung up on my mom before when she rang to see how I was going and the first thing she said was "oh. Do you have a cold?" Gah! mothers how do they know the one thing to say that will pee you off?!  I'm not sure if my speech difficulty is the swelling now or the packing and I'm hoping that the packing is exacerbating the swelling so by some miracle on Friday I wil almost be human (I know, I know).

Two more full days to go. I know my results probably won't be apparent but I simply cannot wait to breath through my nose. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for when the cast comes off. I know it is a huge let down for many people, especially those like me who mainly had work done to the tip of their nose as the swelling will probably make it look worse then before and also rather pig like until it drops.

I was able to take the dressing off my chin today and completely freaked out, i look like jay lenno!!! It's quite frightening but allot of people seem to have had this immediate reaction to their new look (poor jay lenno!) so am trying to be calm about it all and remind myself about swelling ect.  No photos today though cos I feel like a bit of a freak.

My biggest concern is a big conference that I have coming up next week during which I will need to contribute i.e talk like a normal person and will be making allot of first impressions and attending meals. I am a bit worried that I will appear to be some slurring pig woman who can't eat without food falling down her face. Not great!!!! I may need to invent a cover story to explain my injury....

Ok! I went and looked at some other websites and got some comfort in seeing the day 5 pics of other people compared to a week after that. I know the swelling is normal and distorts results but its hard to be logical when it's you! Anyway I remembered why I'm doing this blog in the first place is to minimise similar worries in others going through it so have decided to put pictures up double chin, freaky lips and all!