Friday, 17 May 2013

I cannot describe how amazing it was to sleep properly last night! I'm still on my back with my head elevated but to be able to breath is heavenly.

No pain at all any more but my swelling is crazy. My speech has improved slightly overnight although my lip is still completely numb. The swelling seems to reside notably quicker on my right hand side I think it might be the way I sleep.

My nose is enormous, I look like a cross between a pug and an avatar. I think that there is the tiniest bit of definition in the end and around my nostrils compared to yesterday but this could be wishful thinking too. Essentially my nose is big, fat and has no definition. I had a slight amount of work done to reduce the bridge and allot of work on the tip of my nose including grafts and there has been allot of work done to the clomella too plus it's revision so I know to expect major swelling that will not shift too quickly but it is still getting me down. So patience will have to be my new virtue.

Putting makeup on my nose is a bit difficult mainly due to the condition of the skin. I can't use my usual Estée Lauder Double Wear as it won't absorb like it normally does so just sits heavily and uneasily on top of my skin so I'm just using a BB cream for now which kinda sucks as it doesn't cover the discolouration!

Am full of whinges and frustrations to be honest and wish I had another week to hide in the hope this resolves more. Looki g online I know I'm not alone, the biggest problem though is that so many people post during their initial feelings of fear only to disappear without further comment when they improve unless there is something drastically wrong so not too reassuraning! Hence why I am being as honest as I can here and will keep this updated as I improve :)

Anyway a couple more pictures, I will put these up less now so that changes will be more noticeable. For once the ipad camera seems to downplay blemishes so my swelling doesn't look as bad as in real life!