Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation day 7

I feel even better today!!

To start with pain there is none in my nose at all, if I had of just done the rhinoplasty I'd be feeling pretty great by now. My chin and lower lip are still really numb although I am starting to get a few pains on the left side of my lip which I am welcoming as its this paralysed feeling that I hate more then anything. In all honesty it's still worrying me as I cannot talk or move my mouth properly yet it's a bit scary as I kinda look like I've had a stroke. 

I have a theory on this numbness, as I need to keep my mouth open to breath I have not got my jaw closed the way it normally would so my jaw is not being supported by all of the muscles that would normally hold it in its usual position. Maybe the slackness is putting more pressure on the nerves stopping them from regenerating as quickly as they should. Anyway I'm still blaming the nasal stents for all my woes!

Bruising is still present in little stripes under my eyes and I have some slight discolouration around my jaw which should be reasonably easy to cover with makeup. 

Swelling is still there. I can see it around my nose but have read this drops once the cast is off, the tip of my nose still looks very swollen although it is hard to tell the true extent with my cast on. I still look as though I have a fat neck and double chin although its receded from yesterday I could actually feel how much it had gone down overnight when I awoke and can feel the difference more then see it.

Less then 24 hours until the cast and these stents are gone!!!!