Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation after cast removal..yikes!!

I will try and be as honest as I can about the removal and my emotions on seeing my nose without the cast but I'm warning you it wasn't fun so if you're trying to stay in the dark prior to your own removal consider skipping this post.

First the external cast was removed, this did not hurt a bit it felt a little like an octopus was stuck on my face and was being tugged away. I need to keep the cast and use it for sleeping for the next few weeks. Then came the stent removal. The stents support either side of the septum and are stitched together on two spots through the septum itself.  The stitches need to be cut to separate them first, this was the worst bit in my opinion as the stents needed to be tugged to reveal the inner stich to cut. Then the stents are tugged out one at a time, the first one was by far the worst. I will include a picture but they are HUGE about 2 inches long I have no idea how they fit up there  all I know is that I am so so so so glad they are out!they each have a tube to allow small amounts of air to get trough but I can see how easily they become blocked and they seem to go the whole way up your sinuses. In fact this was rather strange as I am not used to sensation that far up my head!  Now I can breath and it is the most amazing feeling, I can smell and I can taste I can wonder around with my mouth shut so I no longer look like the village idiot (but still not eat properly stupid lip).  The clomella stitches were the last a couple were very stingy but after having those beasts removed from my nose it was nothing.

So to my appearance. The swelling is (I hope) grotesque. My nose looks like a big fat blob stuck on my face its really quite horrific so I've stopped looking at it in the mirror as it looks WAY worse then it did before. From the side it looks pretty much the same really maybe a bit of an improvement but as most of the work was done to the tip which holds the majority of the swelling I'm not expecting to see any improvement for awhile. It's quite a let down and I am so grateful to the Internet to see that this is quite a common sentiment. My nose is now bigger then it was, which would be quite difficult to achieve without excess tissue surgically so the logical explanation it that it's the swelling. Anyways I'm now on anti imflamitories for the next five days so hopefully they make a difference.

Anyway I'm off to go see how I look like with make up on and go and buy some's been an emotional day! I will try and put up before photos soon too.