Friday, 19 April 2013

The lead up part 2

19 march 13

I've just paid for the surgery, the surgeons fee comes to $16, 200. Wow was that a little difficult to see leave my account! The worst thing is that I still have the hospital fee which is $3746 which seems amazingly high to be for 2.5 hours surgical time.. Oh well! I paid it quickly so I wouldn't think about it, I just need to scan and send the consent forms and I can stop thinking about it for a bit. I hope I'm doing the right thing, I guess I need to think of it as an investment in myself??? 

30 march 13

Just over 5 weeks until surgery. I'm stuck in bed sick which has given me lots of time to think and look online I need to stop looking at plastic surgery horror stories they're making me nervous. I did something I haven't in a while and looked at my profile in the mirror. Uugh! I KNOW I'm doing the right thing! 

My first rhinoplasty was eight years ago, I had a terrible nose beforehand it was huge with a big dorsal hump. I was teased terribly at school, gonzo, Pinocchio "you would be a pretty girl with a different nose" I even got it from my own mother. At 23 I finished university at had my primary surgery. He did improve it, he shaved the hump but left the tip bulbous it almost looks like one nose stuck on another! Overall my nose is still too big to the point hat I've had a couple of comments (rude people!)

I had my breasts augmented 4 years ago, my surgeon was a very good breast and nose surgeon. While he didn't come out and say anything negative I *knew* what he was getting at when he casually asked who did it and if I was happy. 

The doctor who does my lips was a bit more direct. After asking if I was happy with the result and listening to me say I wasn't he told me he didn't like it either. He wasn't allowed to recommend a surgeon but told me to make sure I picked someone who was known for revisions.  So here I am :)