Thursday, 25 April 2013

Less then 2 weeks to go!

Sorry if this is a bit muddled, I've  just arrived home after a number of months overseas and a 20 hour flight so jet lag is controlling my brain! I thought I would share the 2 week prep I'be been recommended  to minimise bruising and swelling. I will caution this by saying your surgeon may disagree with this regime so check with them before making any changes.

There are a number of medications that need to be avoided in the few weeks leading up to surgery including aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E. I love aspirin for headaches but stopped taking it a few weeks ago.

Then there is  the is a list of foods I've been asked to avoid as they contain salicylates  which "may" interfere with blood clotting. Sadly it's almost all my favourite foods! Also no alcohol though I think I will sneak in a couple of wines!! These foods and medications should continue to be avoided for the 2 weeks after surgery.

Berries (all)CurrantsLemonsOrangesPrunesVinegar

Its been recommended that i start taking a daily multivitamin, 8 000 units of vitamin A twice a day to boost my immune system and aid in healing. 1000mg vitamin C twice a day for immune function and improved wound healing, and bromelin (a pineapple enzyme) 1000mg twice a day to minimise swelling (allot of people talk about arnica, I don't start this until a couple of days before surgery). I need to continue all of these until 2 weeks post surgery and found them easily in a health food store.

I've also started to use a saline nasal rinse (neti pot) which many ENTs recommend. This is mainly because I've been travelling theough third world countries for the last 6 months so want to flush out any residual nasties. I'd never heard of them until I started doing my research but many people swear by them, just google them if you want to know more i found mine online at amazon but apparently they are available in yoga shops and health food stores. A word of warning, this is NOT something you want people to see doing it's not very glamorous!

                                                        Umm! Obviously this isn't me!!

I'm staring to compile a shopping list of things to buy before the op, if you have any recommendations please let me know, it will be interesting to see what I got and didn't need or needed and didn't get!

-Straws, apparently it can be hard to drink properly
-Wedge cushion, I figure this will be easier to manage then a stack of pillows
-Laptop tray, I've read it can hurt to look down so will be handy for laptop, iPad ect
-lip balm
-throat gargle, the numbing kind as most people seem to complain about a sore throat from mouth breathing and intubation
-frozen peas
-dry hair shampoo
-stool softeners
-q tips
-soft foods and sugar free cordial.

Will be happy to answer any comments or suggestions :)