Friday, 19 April 2013

The lead up part 1

17 march 2013

I'm terrible at journaling so lets see how this goes! Just had my Skype appointment with Dr X For revision rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. There were allot of connection issues but finally got through! 

He's a very polite, friendly man who I felt at ease with. We discussed my concerns he believes that it may only need a closed rhino for tip refinement and possibly a small amount of bridge work although that may change once we meet face to face and that I will probably need a medium sized implant. 

I'm so excited! I guess I will get an email this week detailing costs and other info (I'm currently overseas). I correspond mainly with R from his clinic who is just amazing, she is always contactable and responds really quickly to any emails. So far I'm very happy with my decision and am confident I will stay this way :)

Less then two months to go!

18 march 2013

I need to stop reading online! There are so many horror stories especially about chin augmentation it's made me really nervous especially as I will probably have to go on a fairly intensive seminar for work  less then 2 weeks after surgery..