Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation 4 weeks 2 days

Thought I'd put up a before and after photo now things are starting to look normal. The before picture was taken the night before surgery and show the result of my primary rhino which was done years ago. Please bare in mind that at four weeks out I still have allot of swelling in my nose, chin and some on my neck (double chin!) so this is by no means the final result. I'm happy with how it's shaping up though! I have a deep chin trough which is now exacerbated by the implant, I may need some filler once I've healed properly...

The feeling has returned to the left side of my lip too. Swelling is now at its worst in the morning and decreases over the day, alcohol seems to exacerbate it as does exercise. I'm back at the gym now and am working back up to my prior fitness levels, I run competitively so can't handle any more time off!